Control Cabinets and Electrical Switchboards

   The main specialization of our office is the design and production of industrial automation control systems in the form of Control Cabinets. Since year 2004 LUK ELECTRIC has been gathering experience in designing of automation control systems. Our production and test area allows us to build and develop every control system. We design control systems for the individual needs of the customer's technological process. We offer comprehensive services for installing and commissioning our control systems at any plant in Europe.


We offer: 

- Control Cabinets and Electrical Switchboards with Automation

- Power Management Systems EMS/BMS

- Solar Installations and other Alternative Energy Sources

- Emergency Supply Systems

- Electrical Schematics

- Investors Supervision

LUK ELECTRIC ul. Szymbarskich Zakładników 14A, 83-315 Szymbark Polska, NIP:9581303668,

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