Safety Assessment of Electrical Infrastructure is a statutory obligation that is imposed on the owner or manager of every building object and electric stationary machines.

The interval between measurements should not exceed five years. In some well-defined cases, it is advisable to check the electrical installation more often. Measurement of insulation resistance in the rooms at risk of fire, explosion or corrosive fumes should be made at least once a year. On the other hand, in rooms with high humidity, the effectiveness of electric shock protection should be measured once a year.

Requirements in this respect are regulated by the Building Law, the Energy Law, as well as executive ordinances on fire and electric shock protection.


Electrical installations should be subjected to the following operations:

- visual examination of the electrical installation,
- insulation resistance measurements,
- checking the effectiveness of fire protection,
- checking the continuity of ground wire,
- checking the lightning protection installation,
- check of residual current devices,


LUK ELECTRIC company has the appropriate qualifications, experience and certified measuring equipment to comprehensively perform all required Safety Assessments. The results of our inspections and electrical measurements are provided with official Legal Reports containing recommendations for further operation.

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